BSCA (Bolton Solidarity Community Association) is a self-help voluntary organisation that has been set up to tackle and reduce the problems facing the new emerging communities in Bolton. BSCA which is based in Bolton in the Deane and Derby area was established in 2002 and became a registered charitable organisation in January 2003.

The work that we do in Bolton has become a model of good practice for others and BSCA has played a major role in establishing and contributing to other new and emerging communities in Bolton. BSCA is committed in continuing to provide support like this.

Our motto is working today for a better tomorrow; In 2009 the organisation underwent a name change to Bolton Solidarity Community Association to reflect the diversity in its staff and volunteers as well as the clients we serve. Many of the people that use BSCA services are from the new and Emerging Communities in Bolton. This includes such communities as Somali, Eritrean, Kurdish, Sudanese, Oromo, Ethiopian and the locally established BME communities. BSCA is a charity and it is an umbrella organisation that incorporates a women’s group, youth group and elderly group.

What people are saying

” When I came Bolton everything was new and I was finding it difficult in school thanks to the homework club I received support and now I am studying for my degree at UCLAN and I am pursuing a career on social work which I have always wanted to do.”

Mohamed Ali – 2013

” It was not for the help I have had from BSCA I would not be able to contact any agencies and I would really struggle to live life and be active in my local community.”

Mrs Sharif – 2012

” Activities that we do with BSCA means that I can go and do things which I enjoy on the weekends and evenings and it gives me something to do which is positive.”

Fadxi Hassan – 2011